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Software for Pre-operative Trauma Treatment

TraumaTech is pre-operative treatment planning software that allows you to plan complicated cases in 3D before the surgery. It is useful especially in traumatology and orthopedics. The input data for the planning can be either a CT scan, or two X-ray images.

CT Planning

In the CT planning mode, you can plan a case on 3D bone models created from the CT scan. 3D bone models can be cleaned from unnecessary parts, splitted into fragments and then moved into correct anatomical position. The application includes a database of implants (Medin a.s.) which you can place on the repositioned bone and plan precise locations of implants and identify the necessary fixation material.

X-Ray Planning

X-ray planning is similar to the CT one, except the repositioned 3D model of the bone is created automatically by software from at least two X-ray images. The 3D shape as well as the correct anatomical position is estimated from manual annotation of individual bone fragments in both the X-ray images using statistical shape models trained on the real patients. Please note that the X-ray planning is still in its experimental phase and it is not recommended to use it in practice.

Video Tutorials


TraumaTech 1
Welcome screen - the user decides on the planning mode. CT or X-ray planning can be selected.
TraumaTech 2
X-ray planning mode - During the Fragments Annotation step, particular fragments and fracture lines are annotated in the X-ray images. This information is important for estimation of 3D shape of the bone.
TraumaTech 3
CT Planning mode - in the Fracture Repositioning step, the user moves fragments into correct position using tools for cutting, merging and aligment of bone fragments available on the right side.
TraumaTech 4
CT planning - After the bone repositioning and implant placement, the user can draw and write notes in different views.

The software TraumaTech was created with financial support from TA CR under project TraumaTech - Use of modern techniques of image processing and computer aided planning in traumatology (TA04011606).

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