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3DimMaker is a comprehensive software for 3D printing which generates control G-code for 3D models printing and communicates with 3D printers.

3DimMaker has been designed for professional printers and complex large models, therefore it uses its own robust "slicer" for slicing the model into horizontal layers and to generate the G-code, i.e. instructions for the printer.

3DimMaker is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

3DimMaker 1 3DimMaker 2 3DimMaker 3

3DimMaker Advantages

  • High quality 3D rendering - the model and the G-code.
  • Easy object manipulation - directly in the 3D view.
  • Smart object placement - advanced features to rotate and place objects on the print bed.
  • Printing profiles - custom profiles for different printers, printing quality, etc.
  • Collision detection - between objects and the print space.
  • Material management - calculates material consumption.
  • Printing wizard - few clicks to print your first model.
  • Multiplatform software - Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Robust slicer - own slicer to process complex 3D models.

An important part of 3DimMaker is our proprietary slicer, an application for generating G-code for 3D printers that cuts the printed polygonal 3D model into horizontal layers.

3DimSlicer Advantages

  • Robust solution of thin parts and supports - our slicer can process models which Slic3r and Cura cannot handle properly!
  • Model repair - ability to fix issues in 3D models; ability to process non-waterproof models in some cases.
  • State-of-the-art features - supports, fills, cooling, brim, etc.
  • Two extruders - the current version supports print with two extruders (secondary extruder to print supports); full support of multiple extruders and color models will be available in next versions.
  • Printer moves optimization - reduces the number of unnecessary movements to speedup the printing.
  • Support and customization - we might adjust the slicer to your 3D printer; reported bugs and issues are fixed by our developer team.


3DimViewer 1
Loaded input polygonal surface model (STL file).
3DimViewer 2
Draggers to manipulate the model shown in the 3D view.
3DimViewer 3
Searching for printing profile parameters in the advanced editor.
3DimViewer 4
3D visualization of the generated G-code before its printing.

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