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BoneForm System

BoneForm is a unique system of manufacturing moulding forms for custom-made implants, especially for reconstruction of cranial defects. A final implant is prepared and shaped using the form just before the surgery. Any cement made with resins as the basic ingredients is suitable material for the implant. The form is composed of two parts (top one and bottom one) made of high molecular weight polyethyle (HMW-PE), while specific shape of the form is planned according to CT examination of the patient.

BoneForm System

BoneForm Advantages

Lower surgical stress - the final implant is shaped just before the surgery using the prepared form. The patient is not exposed to the thermal load and chemical reaction during polymerization of the resin.

Shortening surgery - the implant preparation takes place under sterile conditions prior to the surgery, or during the preparation of the patient for the implantation.

Perfect fit - the implant suits to the concrete patient and treatment.

Typical Procedure

  1. Standard CT examination.
  2. Computer model of a patient skull.
  3. 3D defect reconstruction.
  4. Moulding form manufacturing.

Diagnostic CT examination

  • Standard noninvasive diagnostic treatment.
  • Optimal slice thickness ~1mm.
  • Zero tilt ("gantry").
  • Bone reconstruction window.
  • Beware of metal objects in the area of examination to prevent image degradation and unwanted artefacts.
  • Export CT data to the DICOM format.

Computer model of a patient skull

  • Tissue segmentation.
  • Creation of a 3D surface model.
  • Accuracy ~ slice thickness.
Surface model Surface model

3D defect reconstruction

  • Geometrical modeling of the cranial defect, and shaping of the supplement.
  • Recovery of the skull symmetry.
  • Altenatively an atlas of anatomical structures and models can be used.
Cranial defect reconstruction Custom-made implant

Moulding form manufacturing

  • Based on the 3D defect reconstruction, moulding form is designed and manufactured.
  • Material: high molecular weight polyethylene (HMW-PE).
  • Accuracy ~ 0.1mm
Moulding Form


  • The final implant is shaped just before the surgery using the prepared form.
  • Any certified plastic material is allowed (Cranioplastic, Palacos, etc.).
  • We recommend the resin Cranioplastic®, product of the Codman Johnson & Johnson.
  • Time of the surgery can be significantly reduced.
  • The implant suits to concrete patient and treatment.
Moulding Form and Implant

Terms & Conditions

BoneForm system variants

Code Size Position


Snall, implant volume up to 60 cm3

Lateral - defect doesn't brake the skull symmetry and it doesn't interfere with supraciliary arch.


Large, implant volume over 60 cm3


Small, implant volume up to 60 cm3

Frontal - defect brakes the skull symmetry and/or it interferes with supraciliary arch.


Large, implant volume over 60 cm3

Price and delivery

  • Standard delivery up to 4 weeks.
  • Urgent cases - up to 7 days.
  • Negotiated price regarding model volume and its complexity.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us whenever you need more information.


Directions for use, as well as other documents, can be found in Download section.