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Plugins are add-ons extending functionality of our 3DimViewer applications.

Segmentation Plugins

Pack of four plugins for manual/automatic segmentation of medical image data and creation of polygonal surface models of segmented tissues.

Segmentation Plugins
ModelCreate Plugin


  • Region control panel (labeling, color management, merging of segments, etc.).
  • Four manual drawing modes: polygon, stroke, 2D flood-fill and 3D fill.
  • Automatic FCM segmentation.
  • Semi-automatic segmentation based on GMM classifiers.
  • Two variants of the Marching Cubes algorithm for surface model creation.
  • Filtering of small isolated parts (num. of triangles).
  • Adjustable mesh smoothing and mesh simplification.
  • Allows to export the surface model into the STL format.
  • New: Manual corrections directly in 3D view.
  • New: Ability to define custom volume rendering modes.

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