3DimViewer 3.1.1
New version of our DICOM viewer and much improved tools for medical data segmentation!
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3DimViewer is Open Source Software

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3DimViewer is a lightweight 3D viewer of medical DICOM datasets distributed as open source software. The viewer is multiplatform software written in C++ that runs on Windows and Linux systems. Newly we are preparing Mac OS X version. Its license allows you to use it for free.

3DimViewer 1 3DimViewer 2 3DimViewer 3

Basic Features

  • Several techniques of 3D medical data visualization.
  • DICOM dataset import.
  • Density and distance measuring.
  • Volume rendering using shaders running on NVidia and ATI graphic cards.
  • Tissue segmentation based on thresholding and surface modeling of any segmented tissue.


3DimViewer 5
Direct visualization of volumetric data using volume rendering.
3DimViewer 6
Distance and density measuring...
3DimViewer 7
Volume rendering - visualization of bones.
3DimViewer 8
Volume rendering - the MIP mode.

3DimViewer Extension Plugins

Plugins are add-ons extending functionality of 3DimViewer.

Segmentation Plugins ManualSeg Plugin

ModelCreate Plugin
Pack of plugins for segmentation of medical image data and creation of surface models.
  • Region control panel (labeling, color management, merging of segments, etc.).
  • Four manual segmentation techniques.
  • Automatic FCM (Fuzzy-C-Means) segmentation.
  • Semi-automatic segmentation based on GMMs (Gaussian Mixture Models).
  • Surface model creation with adjustable mesh smoothing and mesh simplification.
  • Filtering of small isolated parts (num. of triangles).

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