TESCAN has invested in 3Dim Laboratory s.r.o.

After the entry of the strategic partner TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING in the autumn of 2017, 3Dim Laboratory has been transformed into two companies:

TESCAN 3DIM, s.r.o.

TESCAN 3DIM focuses on custom software development for 3D image data analysis. We develop solutions for 3D data visualization, image recognition using deep learning methods and 3D geometry processing.

In cooperation with one of the leading implant manufacturers, we develop a treatment planning software for computer-guided surgery, and since the entry of TESCAN we have also been developing software for 3D image analysis from electron microscopy.

TESCAN Medical, s.r.o.

TESCAN Medical specializes in manufacturing, development and innovation of medical devices for individual treatment in neurosurgery, maxillofacial surgery, oncology, traumatology, orthopedics, etc.

TESCAN Medical brings leading individual patient treatment solutions into clinical practice: fast individual treatment planning and great support to clinicians. Its products and services aim at reduction of risks, costs and time spent in the surgery room. It provides high quality individual services to clinicians and patients so that the risk of complications is minimized and with maximum aesthetic and functional result.